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Wireless Adviser

Wireless Adviser is a free, open source SNMP monitoring tool for use with any device supporting an SNMP interface. 


  • Lightweight, extensible, modular client/server architecture with a Apache/PHP/Postgres/Java backend and pure HTML client (no plugins or additional software required other than a web browser)
  • Ability to add support for new or modify existing device types using a simple XML template.
  • Installers available for Windows and Linux.  Custom installs can also be done.
  • User Interface
    • Main View
      • Google maps display of devices in the network along with their status.
      • Dashboard showing summary of network events
      • Events view displaying network events
      • Inventory view displaying a list of all devices in the network
      • Addons page containing basic reports with the ability to add your own pages
    • Device Views
      • General information about the device
      • Summary of status polls
      • Summary of events for the device
      • Graphs of statistics gathered from the device
    • Administrative View
      • Manage the Wireless Adviser database
      • Upload data into the database including device and linking details

For more details please review the documentation and tutorial sections.

Special note on support - Wireless Adviser is NOT supported by the Cambium Networks customer support team.  Please use the cambium tools forums to post any comments or questions you have on the tool.  Feedback and feature requests can also be sent to the Wireless Adviser team.

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